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the email advantage

Email orders always get a confirmation. When you email an order, you will receive a reply email letting you know that we have indeed received your order. This provides a handy paper trail for you and an accurate hard copy for us here in our crazy, hectic, sprawling work areas. Not to mention that it saves paper and is quite reliable. Any & all email addresses will get you to us, but these are the best for orders. We urge you to use this method of ordering if the internet is available in your shop.


the faxer

Ahhh, the facsimile machine! We certainly know that there was a time when this was a super HOT technological advantage, but we are not so sure about that anymore. You are welcome to fax your orders in, but please realize the risk that it may not be received, and worse, neither of us are aware of the failed transmission, so you (and your customer) are waiting on a fob order and we are working on an email order! (wink!) This is a possibility, and while we receive many, many faxes successfully, it is not ideal to have any fob need to be rushed or Express mailed due to the delay.…something to consider.

If you love to fax and it works for you, then please fax your orders to:
fax: 513.536.6007

using our order forms, or a format you have followed providing the necessary information as outlined on our order forms.

if you'd like to make a call

We do not take phone orders. This allows for many errors between the customer's original order and the actual product shipped, not to mention the phone-tag between us and stores clerks and store owners.

Always email or fax regarding your account or placing orders.

Or if you simply have a quick question???

Email us and you'll likely get a reply almost immediately. :)

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